Automatic Trading 12 Months Bestbrokers

Automatic Trading 12 Months Bestbrokers

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If You Are An Operator That

  • Has Little Time To Follow The Markets
  • He has no experience and would like to invest money in the financial market
  • He wants to get our performances, since 2016 constantly every year in profit with Average Performance of 77%

Automatic Trading With Affiliated Broker Will Be The Best Choice For You.

Antonio, Winner of the Traders cup, is the only Traders in europe that constantly closes Each Year in Profit with Average Performance of 77%, Pdf Reports Are Available In the Telegram channel, a community where you can get in touch with us.

It is often present in the main portals and TV channels that deal with the topics of economics and finance.

To enable the automatic trading service, a minimum deposit of $ 25,000 is required.

The service will be provided using the Affiliated Broker, a listed broker, which guarantees the safety of the funds.

The operation is very simple, you will provide us with the credentials of your Markets account, we will execute and manage the operations from our office.


The account is in your name and has no restrictions, at any time you can withdraw the funds or carry out additional operations.

Thanks to the functionality of Markets you will also be able to open a sub-account where you can make your own transactions.

The sub-account will be totally separate from the main account.

You will also have access to the reserved room of Antonio Ferlito with signals and forecasts on indices, commodities, forex and the most important stocks with Entry Price, Stop loss and Take Profit and the updates of his portfolio in real time.

If you want to buy our package, by contacting us you will receive a Paypal link, to make payment with any type of card.

Access the Telegram community to earn and always be updated with the latest economic and financial news.


WhatsApp: +393756122630