Reserved Room 1 Month Bestbrokers

Reserved Room 1 Month Bestbrokers

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The Reserved Room is a Telegram Messenger Channel where you will find:

  • Antonio Ferlito's operations on indices, commodities, forex and the most important stocks with entry price, stop loss and take profit and with real-time updates on his portfolio.
  • News Pro, the fundamental news to make the best decisions on the markets.
  • A Monthly video with Antonio Ferlito's levels and forecasts on indices, commodities, forex and major stocks.

Antonio, Winner of the Traders cup, is one of the few Traders in Italy who consistently closes Each Year in Profit with an Average Performance of 90%, Pdf Reports Are Available In the Telegram channel where you can get in touch with us.

It is often present in the main portals and TV channels that deal with the topics of economics and finance.

By accessing the Reserved Room, you can then copy Antonio Ferlito's operations and obtain his results.


  • You will no longer be stressed by sudden market movements, just follow our news and operations on our private telegram channel to obtain excellent results.
  • You will also be able to operate comfortably from your smartphone while you are on the go thanks to the apps of our partner brokers.
  • Every day you will have a mentor to follow with whom you can relate and compare, you will no longer be alone.

Access to the Reserved Room will shortly be blocked, places are limited.

If you operate with one of our affiliated brokers, Access to The Reserved Room will require a donation of only 7.90 € per month, the payment is voluntary, if you are satisfied and you have made a profit we expect you to donate.

Donations are important to finance our team Of analysts and therefore to obtain increasingly winning forecasts on the financial markets.



Furthermore, by operating with the brokers that we use ourselves, you will have all the necessary financial instruments available and you will be able to follow us in an optimal way.

You will also have a guarantee of platform reliability, a very important factor that ensures fast withdrawals and protection of funds, being the brokers that we use publicly traded.

If you do not want to operate with one of our affiliated brokers, access to the reserved room requires a donation of € 37.90 per month.

To start following us we advise you to have a capitalization of at least $ 1000-2000, as with less it will be very difficult to manage the account and get good results.

Our Affiliated Brokers are markets.com, Listed on the Stock Exchange, Regulated Broker and Klimex.

Contact Us To Receive Your Credentials And Try One Of Our Brokers In Demo Mode (You Work With Virtual Money) or to access the reserved room.

Alternatively you can open a demo account by clicking the link below.


If you want to buy our package, by contacting us you will receive a Paypal link, to make payment with any type of card.

Access the Telegram community to earn and always be updated with the latest economic and financial news.